• Running Water – Papoli 100% Funded
  • ffl
    Food For Life – Haiti
  • Papoli Outpatient Clinic Opens!
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    Pennies for Papoli: Children Helping Children
  • mc_moringa
    Moringa Project – Haiti
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    Pediatric Clinic – Papoli

Thirst for Life

Have you ever been really thirsty? I mean really thirsty and so in need of water that your mouth is parched, your lips are cracked and the salt from your sweat runs into your eyes? The need to quench this thirst will drive you to find any source of water for you, for your children […]


Partnering to Help People Help Themselves

Village Partners International supports programs that seek to improve the lives of people in both Haiti and Uganda. There are now programs in place that offer health, education, housing, clean water, and bring micro-industries to those who are most in need.


Mobin Hospital Mobile Clinic – Compassion in Action

Want to witness compassion in action with me? Okay, you are going to need some things: a water bottle, hat, bandana, sunscreen, a heavy backpack full of medical supplies … what else? Oh, yeah – some really good boots because we will be walking. Did you pack a flashlight? We might not be getting back […]

Kids Helping Kids

“KIDS HELPING KIDS” A Great Success!!!!!!!!

The first annual “Kids Helping Kids” event was held on October 10 at Kate Jackson Park in South Tampa. During this time children had 8 stations to visit, each with an activity that taught about cultures and children in both Haiti and Uganda. The purpose was to open the eyes and hearts of our children […]


for the children

chiseled from black marble the mayor’s face reflects the candle light. I gaze upon the face beautiful in its angles shining in the heat of the night. I listen to the words their music flowing as the sounds rise and fall to a rhythm I cannot understand. he turns his eyes to me and they […]

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