• Jay and Janice Jester Maternity Clinic – Papoli
  • Robert H. Cooley Pediatric Clinic – Papoli
  • Medicine for Miracles – Papoli
  • Mombin Crochu Hospital – Haiti
  • Food For Healing – Haiti
  • Mobile Clinic – Haiti
  • Clean Water – Haiti

A Cry For Help

As we here in the United States remember those who were lost in the tragedy of September 11, 2001, we struggle to make sense of senselessness and to bring fairness to a world that seems so unfair. In Haiti, those who survived the devastating earthquake six years ago continue to suffer. The cholera outbreak that […]


Second Annual KIDS HELPING KIDS A Huge Success!

On a sunny July day, Village Partners International brought Tampa Bay kids together to race, hula hoop, craft, and play. They sat in circles for folk stories, waited excitedly to get their faces painted, slurped down icy cold snow cones, and packed surgical gauze for future medical mission trips. “I came across the event online […]


Thirst for Life

Have you ever been really thirsty? I mean really thirsty and so in need of water that your mouth is parched, your lips are cracked and the salt from your sweat runs into your eyes? The need to quench this thirst will drive you to find any source of water for you, for your children […]


Partnering to Help People Help Themselves

Village Partners International supports programs that seek to improve the lives of people in both Haiti and Uganda. There are now programs in place that offer health, education, housing, clean water, and bring micro-industries to those who are most in need.


Mobin Hospital Mobile Clinic – Compassion in Action

Want to witness compassion in action with me? Okay, you are going to need some things: a water bottle, hat, bandana, sunscreen, a heavy backpack full of medical supplies … what else? Oh, yeah – some really good boots because we will be walking. Did you pack a flashlight? We might not be getting back […]

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