Mombin Crochu Hospital – Haiti

Village Partners International was created as a way for people to help people help themselves. As such, it is an effort that is worldwide, and is inclusive of all those in need.

In the village of Mombin Crochu, located in the mountains of NE Haiti, a small government hospital serves the people in this remote, and often forgotten, part of the world.

With the help of VPI, 2 doctors, administrative staff, and facilities management staff are present, ensuring continuity of care in a functioning system. Medications are supplied, and a feeding program for patients is in place, supplying nutrition to help healing. Public Health issues are addressed, and classes are given on nutrition, prenatal care and prevention of disease.

Essential medications for treatment of the sick and injured are continually in short supply. Basic hospital materials like wound dressings, mattresses, gloves, and IV fluids are also lacking. Dental care is essentially non-existent. Brutal roads and heavy use force frequent repairs and maintenance work on the vehicles used to transport patients and supplies. The infrastructure of the hospital building and the solar electrical and water systems, as well as the laboratory,  are in need of updating and repairs.

Only with your support will this little hospital continue to care for the sick, the vulnerable, and the injured in this area, which serves between 35,000-40,000 people. Without your support, there would be no way for life-saving treatment to be given.

Mombin Crochu Hospital is an effective message to the Haitian people of the love and action of Jesus Christ, alive today in their troubled and needy world.

Please consider a donation to help provide assistance to those in such great need.

100% of your donation will go to this cause.
Thank you for helping others help themselves.
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