Clean Water – Haiti

CLEAN WATER: WATER IS LIFE The fall of 2016 brought significant drought to the mountains of NE Haiti. During this time, crops failed and the incidence of malnutrition rose significantly, especially in children. In addition, the access to clean water was found to be acutely lacking. As a result a proliferation of waterborne disease such as […]

Mobile Clinic – Haiti

THE MOBILE CLINIC: A SAFETY NET Lack of safe roads and transportation in the mountains of rural Haiti has made access to health care impossible for many living here. For this reason, VPI has sponsored a Mobile Clinic since 2015, which travels to the alternating remote areas twice monthly. Here  medical care, vaccinations, medications, screening […]

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Food For Healing – Haiti

When illness strikes in a country where most people do not get enough to eat or do not eat enough of the right nutrients, even mild malnutrition can greatly influence the course of illness. In Haiti, when a common cold virus infects a child who is poorly nourished, that child often lacks adequate immune response […]

Mombin Crochu Hospital – Haiti

Village Partners International was created as a way for people to help people help themselves. As such, it is an effort that is worldwide, and is inclusive of all those in need. In the village of Mombin Crochu, located in the mountains of NE Haiti, a small government hospital serves the people in this remote, and […]

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