• Jay and Janice Jester Maternity Clinic – Papoli
  • Robert H. Cooley Pediatric Clinic – Papoli
  • Medicine for Miracles – Papoli
  • Mombin Crochu Hospital – Haiti
  • Food For Healing – Haiti
  • Mobile Clinic – Haiti
  • Clean Water – Haiti

Covenant Hospital

      Village Partners International was created as a way for people to help people help themselves. As such, it is an effort that is worldwide, and is inclusive of all those in need. Recently VPI has established a relationship with Covenant Hospital Network, a group of individuals and churches committed to helping those […]


Heart Surgery for Fahad Bukenya

Fahad Bukenya was born May 27, 2007 in the country of Uganda. His was a normal delivery, and he began life as a normal child. But something was wrong. As time passed he did not thrive, he did not gain weight. He had no energy and just breathing became an effort. In December he was […]


Heart Surgery for Martha Kawala

I have never been to Africa. I have vague pictures in my mind of green forests covered in flowers, shaded by giant trees, and shrouded in mystery. Words and images from books, stories, and the ever-present world of movies and television have given me a vision of a place of beauty and excitement, tragedy and […]


Porridge for Papoli

Imagine what it is like to be hungry. Imagine what it is like to feel the gnawing pain that is deep inside you, a hunger that never leaves. It is hard to believe that children in this world where so much abundance exits, must go hungry. But the reality is that this is life in […]


Dormitory Construction Begins

Construction of Papoli Primary School Dormitory begins.

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